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Delta 8 is the latest craze to hit the market and here at Glazee we're your one stop shop for delta 8 Slushy Machines nationally. We use a 3:1 ratio (75% Delta 8 / 25% CBD). We use a full spectrum water soluble solution for faster absorption which equals less intake and you'll feel the effects within 5-10 minutes after ingestion.

Our full spectrum solution maintains the beneficial oils and cannabinoids like CBD, CBG and CBN. Which could help with inflammation and provide support for mental health. Glazee is secured in a 16oz child proof cup. We offer our flagship flavors


When it comes to anything we do at Glazee we follow strict quality standards. We make sure our customers only receive the very best in quality when it comes to our products and services, so it's no wonder we're the best THC and DELTA 8 infused syrup suppliers in the nation.


When you purchase a Glazee Machine from us not only are you getting great service, but you also become a part of our family.


After, you have sold your first 3 cases of syrup there will only be $1,000 left for a full return on investment. When you purchase one of our machines we also include a bundle of supplies for faster operational start up and ease of use. At $7.50 per cup wholesale with a suggested selling point of $15.00, we leave lots of room for our partners to do well with our brand.  



- 4 Cases of Syrup (32 servings per case)

- 128 cups & lids (straws included)

- 1 year preventative maintenance visits


- 1 Glazee Banner (4’x2’)


- 1 Glazee Poster (16”x20”) 

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